Tuesday, June 30, 2009

So Long Considering

I graduated May 22nd, left the 23rd for Salt Lake City with my Mom, came home the following Wednesday and left Sunday for a week at the beach with Kyle's family. Salt Lake City was great as I haven't seen my cousins for a while and they had a little girl back in April. Hannah is very cute and while we were there over Memorial Day, we went up to Lava Hot Springs, ID. It was her first vacation and it was a ton of fun. Karen and Dan had been there before, but we stayed at a new place that had its own hot springs so we just had to walk downstairs rather than go up the street to the public ones. Idaho is gorgeous, as is Salt Lake City. They showed us the house they are considering buying. It's up in the mountains rather than in the city and seems lovely. We could only peek in the windows, but it would definitely give them more space as Hannah gets older and more privacy.
The beach was a lot of fun this year. We didn't really do too much, but we spent two days at the beach, one day hiking at the island preserve, and one day we went and saw Star Trek. Other than that we just relaxed a whole lot.
Since the beach, I have been rather busy with things going on most weekends and one or two days a week. I had a job interview scheduled for last Monday, but the guy had to cancel due to a meeting that came up. I don't have his contact info or anything so I can't do anything about rescheduling and I haven't heard from him or my contact. It's a little frustrating as I have been out of school for over a month and technically unemployed since December. I kept working in the lab during my last semester, but I wasn't actually getting paid for it. I've been looking for jobs, but I am constrained by location as I need something that I can commute to from the southern end and also from Kyle's house if I am still at the job by the time I get married. Hopefully something will work out. Also having to say that I will need to have off two thirds of October is not a great thing to have to tell a prospective employer. But seriously, considering I haven't had a job or anything major to do since May, I haven't been posting at all. The problem is that I just check email and read the various blogs I follow on my ipod touch and don't bother turning on my laptop. I'm definitely not typing a whole blog entry on my ipod.