Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tree Shopping

I am currently at home in PA for the holidays. Seems early right? Contrary to what my fellow grad students believe, I am not done with my work, but am simply working from home. I sadly have a take home final, which I will be attempting to complete when I finish writing this entry.
Anyway, yesterday was my mother's birthday for which I surprised her by coming home. She expected me late today as I had so much to do (all lies). Today, my sister and I went into town and met up with Mom to buy our Christmas tree in this:
Yeah, not our brightest idea, as you can see, but there were extenuating circumstances. We were going to get it tomorrow when we go Christmas shopping, but we are also picking up my wedding dress and I don't want it getting squashed by a netted Christmas tree. That dress has to survive until next October, which is why it will be staying at my grandmother's. She has several unused bedrooms and one cat. We have no unused rooms and five cats and a dog. It just wouldn't survive here. This isn't to say our cats rip things to shreds or anything, but we will all feel better knowing my dress is hanging in a room no one enters.
I know my dress will survive, but will I survive being at home until the last week of January? Stay tuned to find out.

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VE said...

You're going to wear a map for your wedding? Sweet...