Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day Tradition continues

So Valentine's Day should be about a nice time with your significant other right? Well, Kyle and I decided we are cursed when it comes to this holiday. Our first two were spent at my mom's house, which makes it less special and more weird. That second year we had reservations at a nice restaurant and everything, but things never quite work out as planned. My college gave us a week off in February so I was going to be in PA over Valentine's. It all seemed perfect. Saturday of break I visited Kyle and came home in the afternoon as a snow storm was coming into the area. By the next morning, I felt like crap and didn't want to get out of bed other than to move to the couch. Monday morning it was confirmed that I had the flu. I had never had the flu before and I recommend that everyone avoids getting it at all costs. Also, DO NOT allow the nurse to test you using the new nose test. They place a "flexible" stick thing up your nose to gather a sample to test. It saves days of wondering and such to verify whether you have it or not and it's so great, blah, blah, blah. Well, that stick was NOT flexible and ended up poking me so bad that I cried. It was like getting hit in the nose, which anyone who has had it happen, knows it automatically brings tears to your eyes. This was worse because it was actually hitting you in the nose on the inside. My mother, being her nice self, was crying too, because she was laughing so hard! I told the nurse that Mom should be tested too as I had been around her so long with the flu, but she didn't go for that. Anyway, Valentine's fell on Tuesday and Kyle came to our house again as I was still not well and Mom made us a nice dinner. Definitely not the plan.
The next Valentine's I wasn't in the area and last year doesn't register in my memory, which means we probably didn't see each other. This year I went to Kyle's for the weekend and he was sick all weekend. He was feeling well enough to go out for a nice lunch, but I didn't even get a Valentine's kiss because I didn't want to get sick. Maybe next year we'll have a nice illness free holiday. Since it will be our first Valentine's as a married couple, I have a feeling that that won't happen.

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