Thursday, May 21, 2009

Commence Real Life

I am done! I turned in my last paper Monday and have done very little since. Let real life commence. After graduation, a trip to see family in Utah, and a week at the beach of course. I think I'm allowed two weeks after twenty-two plus years of non-stop education. I just hope a job offer comes soon. Any archaeology firms in southeastern PA need a lab tech? I'm available June 8th. I'm pretty sure something will come up and I can always get something for the summer locally until the wedding.
So I have done one thing since my coursework ended. My mom and sister came down Sunday night so we could go to Mt. Vernon while I was still close. Mom has wanted to go back and Ang and I have never been. It was a gorgeous day and a lot of fun. Sadly, I got most excited seeing the super awesome sifting screens the archaeologists in the upper garden had set up. I am a dork, but they were great because the screens were on wheels on a frame with chutes for the screened dirt to go straight into a bucket or wheelbarrow. They were at standing level so no bending over forever and killing your back. Seriously cool and all archaeologists probably wish they had one. I know I do.
Anyway, I highly recommend people visit Mt. Vernon because it is just a really pretty property on a nice day. We walked all over the grounds before heading to the gristmill and distillery down the road. Definitely worth the extra time to go see those.
Besides Mt. Vernon, Mom and Ang came to get most of my furniture before there would be other people in the van when they come down for graduation. Sunday night we tore down my bed and the futon. Both of these, my dresser, and my comfy living room chair and footstool were all shoved in the van, literally at some points, but it all fit. Mom decided she had to cram as much as possible so she even took the table my tv was on so it is now sitting on one of the dining room chairs. The living room is ridiculously empty, but at least now the only furniture left is the table and chairs and my desk, which comes apart.
Today I have to pack everything. I've barely scratched the surface besides packing up most of my dishes. I usually like to pack, but I haven't got in the right mood yet. The other thing I am dreading about today is calling Comcast to end my cable service. I hate Comcast and just know they will do something to make a simple phone call ridiculously complicated. Plus I have to drop the cable box off at the closest location. That's just going to suck probably. Oh well, I graduate tomorrow!

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