Saturday, May 9, 2009

Someone else is curious too

I have been working on one of my last big papers today and this afternoon I was conducting research while watching some tv. Despite how it sounds, I was productive while doing this, but one commercial did catch my eye. This paint commercial kept putting parts of questions up on the screen in large font. The first part would show and then the picture would change and the second part would come up, which was usually what the store would be able to answer for you if you come in. The question that caught my eye was "When did school bus yellow... become school bus yellow?" It was split there in the middle so when the first half was up on the screen, I was curious if the second part would be my question and it basically is. For years I have wondered who decided that school buses should be yellow and why that shade? It really isn't yellow, but it has become the color synonymous with safety. It's one of the questions that I like to come up with out of the blue and over the years my mother has learned to just shake her head and move on. No one ever listens to the questions, but now the Sherwin-Williams commercial has proven that someone else out there is just as curious about the random things in life as I am, including the color of school buses.


VE said...

Well...did they answer it? How can you leave us hanging like that?

Abbie said...

That commercial leaves everyone hanging. Next time I see a Sherwin Williams, I'm going in and asking because the commercial says they know the answers. I wonder if they sent a memo to each store with the answers just in case someone asked.