Monday, March 23, 2009

Grad School Senioritis

For some reason, I can never get work done for class until there is less than 12 hours until the deadline for completion. I tell myself not to procrastinate, but somehow a game of freecell or mahjong pops up on my screen. Either that or I have a sudden urge to catch up on some blogs, my favorite tv shows, or the news. The weather needs checked despite the fact that I won't leave my apartment for quite some time and all three of my emails need checked even though I checked them twenty minutes earlier. Then of course, there is always facebook. Maybe some new pictures were posted or my sister played a turn in our lexulous game. It might be a Saturday afternoon and she doesn't have internet on the weekends, but I still have a need to check. She did recently get internet where she lives so now that is a legitimate excuse. Then I have to check AIM, maybe someone has signed on that I need to talk to, though it's always the same people online. Of course, I can always call my mom or my fiance even though there is nothing new in my life to talk about. There's just so much to do in my life that there isn't time for schoolwork.
I never had senioritis in high school when things didn't matter as I was set and heading to W&L as of December, but college and grad school have had some very serious cases. College senioritis was horrible as I was trying to finish my honors thesis and now I have so many papers and my internship project to wrap up that senioritis is not helping me at all. Thankfully, in 60 days I will be graduating and I will never have another reading assignment in my life. All my reading will be for pleasure again (though it basically is now). I love public libraries, but again with the distractions. Who knew they were so bad for your education.

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