Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day!

What am I doing up at 6:30 am? Obviously I had to check to see whether classes are canceled. It's been snowing here in Maryland since last night and finally the ground is white. Classes all over have been canceled, which is great, for people who have class today. I don't have classes on Mondays. Or Wednesdays or Fridays. It's a pretty nice semester, except for snow days that don't cancel my classes. I kind of wish the snow had come in today and canceled tomorrow's classes because I haven't finished the reading for either of mine. At least I have the snow day to finish right? Well, I had it anyway.
So what am I doing up at 6:30 am if the snow day doesn't matter? It isn't a fun reason. I haven't really been to sleep yet because I have an awful headache so I finally got up and took some ibuprofen. Now maybe I can go to sleep and enjoy the snow day from bed, while finishing my reading.

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