Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Web question

So I know nothing about html or any other codes that are behind everything I do and see on my computer. What I want to know is whether it takes much time to make one tiny distinction in code. I assume that once someone is good enough to create an entire site, making one minor edit wouldn't be a big deal, but I think I'm wrong. My complaint is over all the sites where the amount of something changes and it involves a label. This includes blogger where one has comments. That first comment is all by itself, but for some reason blogger shows "1 Comments" and it annoys me, a lot. For facebook users, you have probably seen this in a lot of the apps and throughout the site. I noticed it a long time ago, but excused it because all the apps are created by independent people who may not have the skills to do anything about it. Blogger seems more reputable, which means that it should be able to create code that removes the s when the number is 1 and adds it for all other numbers. I don't think this is that difficult, but maybe I'm wrong.

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