Monday, March 30, 2009

Worst Driver Ever

So I went to PA again this past weekend as I had an appointment in Lancaster this morning. I spent Friday-Sunday at Kyle's and went to Mom's Sunday afternoon as getting into Lancaster city during morning rush hour is much more easily done by way of the Southern End rather than route 30 out of Chester County. Anyway, when I left Kyle's, I went through some back streets in town to get to rt. 30 as my normal route was off limits due to a bridge closing. I approached a red light behind another driver and stopped. The opposite side was empty, but two cars were approaching. Both sides have a straight/right turn lane and a left turn lane. The first vehicle approaching was turning right and did so once it reached the intersection and saw that no one was coming. The second vehicle was turning left and pulled into the left turn lane. The cross road was a major route and car turning left proceeded to TURN LEFT on the RED light! I have never seen anyone do such a thing. It was not a stop sign and it was not the dead of night. It was Sunday afternoon in a fairly busy area. What a moron. I told Kyle about it and had to say that even when I am sitting in Lancaster County at 2 am and there is no traffic and you know there aren't any cops, I can't make myself run a red light. For some reason I always hit red lights on the occasion that I am out and about in the Southern End late at night because I somehow always approach the light from the non-popular way, which means I have to wait until my presence trips the light.
Anyway, I then proceeded to make two U-turns trying to get on 30 at a spot I had never seen as I for some reason thought I needed 30 East despite my knowing that I didn't want to be on the side of the highway that the 30 East on ramp would put me. It then hit me that to get to Lancaster County from Chester County, you need to go on 30 West. For some reason in my mind, I always go east to get to my mom's. This is probably because I went to school in the mountains of Virginia so I went east to get home and west to get to school. Anyway, I felt like an idiot, but not as much of one as the moron who turned left at a red light.

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