Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dead Rats

Yesterday I was covering the lab while some undergrads were labeling. It was April 1st so some interesting things happened. We have been rather low on the labeling fluid and the one guy went to check the cupboard for some more. I knew there wasn't any left, but he pulled one out. He couldn't open it so I tried and of course I couldn't either. There was something weird about it and after doing my trick to attempt to open it and failing, he told me it was just water. Here he had taken an empty bottle, filled it with water and glued it shut. This explained the gunk in the bottom as he had used an empty white bottle and switched it to the clear, which we use the most. I guess they planned it on Monday when I'm not in the lab. I think he spent a lot of time planning for April Fool's Day because it sounds like he got all of his friends.
The interesting joke of the day was when one of the girls was labeling a bag of faunal bones. There was a large number of rat bones and she started laying them out in anatomical order on this brown paper. There were actually parts of most of the skeleton including the skull, limbs, and vertebrae. She took a picture of it with her phone so she could show some friends. I made the comment that she should tell them she found it in the back of a cupboard in her apartment. She ended up doing this and sending it to her mom who called back just before they left. She actually believed her. She ended the conversation by saying that she had to go because the exterminator was there. It will be interesting to see how far she took it when I see her next week. I think this was one joke that was actually interesting and a little less common than most that I see.

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