Monday, April 13, 2009


So I have a little thing on my desktop that flashes random pictures from my files and I noticed this one just a minute ago. I always smile when I see it because it was just so funny when it happened. Even better was despite the large red letters and exclamation point, it kept saying "Off Route" as well. Sorry about the blurriness, but this was back in 2006 with my old camera and we were in a moving vehicle. If you can't tell, the GPS thought we were in the middle of the Sound. We were in the Outer Banks and drove up to Roanoke Island. Kenan accidentally missed a turn and we ended up crossing a fairly new bridge back over to the mainland. It was so new the GPS didn't know it was there. :)
This is one of those reasons I will never personally own a GPS unit. I like technology, but I hate the little voice saying "turn left in 200 ft." I like maps and I still look up my directions and write them out by hand before I go somewhere new. Anyway, just thought I would share the memory. Plus, posting is a great way to procrastinate. I've been getting stuff done though, I promise.

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