Sunday, April 19, 2009

Grad School

So I am seriously worried about getting everything done this semester. My last one. Ever. I just cannot make myself work. I've already compiled my list of things I do every day and I add to it all the time. I find new things to explore online and new books to read. Or I just reread old books and replay the same games (My win streak in freecell is up to 134). Really, I have three books checked out of the library (the public one) and I have reread all of them at least four times. Have I moved the stack of seven books that I checked out in February for my tourism class paper? Nope. They are all still sitting on top of my printer where I stuck them two months ago so they wouldn't be sitting in my floor anymore. I epitomize procrastination when it comes to school work. If I was paid to do this, it would be done. I hate people who do nothing at work and complain about their jobs. If I'm working, I'm working and things get done promptly. It just doesn't work that way for school related items. Hence I am posting to my blog, which if you notice, I started at the end of last semester when I needed something new to extend my procrastination. The wedding also helps with procrastination because even though everything is pretty much done, there are details to discuss. Kyle and I spent about an hour debating how we would display the seating cards for the reception. I think we figured them out so now I'll have to come up with something else to discuss in order to avoid my work. Only three papers, two presentations, one workshop, and my last final ever to complete. And 32 days to do it in.

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